Hello. World?

Welcome to my experimental web page.

Here we are going to embed a series of video player plugins for WordPress and see how they work in this template.

Let’s start with a plugin called Vimeography:

[vimeography id=”4″]Well… there’s supposed to be a thumbnail gallery where this text is.


Here’s a brief introduction to Audio-Visual Archives. I hope that watching this will provide a helpful orientation, especially for those inquiring about these kinds of services for the first time. There are always questions to be asked, and choices to be made in this work. I start with all options on the table, and welcome your questions. More often than not, I’ll have my own questions to help you choose the best methods and services that yield the finished product(s) that’s right for you.

Eventually, I will have a video for every type of service I offer, which should make it a lot easier to understand and compare your options. I’ll cover relevant points about the different equipment used for recording or playback; software systems and processes used in the editing phase; as well as the finer details and options for the finished products. I’ll also be sure to cover some tips on the often overlooked planning stage for larger projects, as well as long-term archival solutions for your media and your memories.

Make History,
Steve Unkles

Audio-Visual Archives


Service Payment
Other Amount:

Why do I call them “CSS Scrollbars”? The <i>CSS Overflow</i>
property tells the browser what to do if the box’s contents is larger
than the box itself. It behaves similar to inline frames and creates
scrollbars if required. That is why I call them CSS Scrollbars!

Okay. Next we have ULTIMATE VIDEO

[ultimate 2 /]

Not too bad. Only takes YouTube and FLV though & plugin has an awful & clumsy interface

Let’s try Vimeo Everywhere:

[pydvimeovideos albumid=”1832654″ vidtitle=”1″ albumtitle=”1″ iconsize=”video_thumbnail_small” iconfloat=”pyd_left” vidwidth=”500″ vidheight=”281″ ]Wow, this one is absolutely worthless

Here’s CodeFlavors Vimeo Video Post Lite:

[cvm_playlist theme=”default” aspect_ratio=”4×3″ width=”720″ volume=”30″ videos=”803,804,841,842,843,844,845,846,847,848,849″]Looks like the galley section doesn’t work…

[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”23867382″ entryid=”1_2dtns17n” width=”400″ height=”571″ /]

Okay then


 This one’s called WordPress Video Gallery and its in total demo mode currently [hdvideo playlistid=2 relatedvideos=off]

Seems pretty cool… expensive (note how scrollbar fades in)