A video studio for recording interviews and presentations

Our studio is a renovated classroom in a former school building, so we have ample space for collaborative and creative work to flourish.  The studio is fully equipped for multiple uses.

  • For Interviews, we have a furnished area with natural, soft lighting and comfortable surroundings.
  • For Archiving and Editing we have dedicated systems that integrate multiple formats for efficient workflow.
  • For Capturing Arts and Ideas, we have a presentation area with several configurations and two isolation/vocal booths.

Here’s a summary of what our studio offers:

  • 800 sq. ft. facility configured and wired for sound and video recording as well as editing.
  • Versatile lighting options, visual backgrounds, and room design for a wide range of projects.
  • Studio-grade audio capture for A+ production value and seamless editing to picture.
  • Three post-production systems offering both quick & easy solutions, as well as more advanced capabilities.
  • Professional sound & video monitoring, tools, and other peripherals for achieving perfect results.
  • Integration of media formats, old & new, including film, photo, vinyl, tape, digital, and the Web.


Our home office, pictured here, can handle small jobs and work overflow.  This workstation features audio cassette and Vinyl audio formats, as well as VHS and DVD video formats.  Auxiliary inputs for other formats, a switcher, and several hard drives in two computers round out this very capable system.  Though much smaller in scale than our main studio, this system can deliver the same professional results for digital conversions, duplication, and simple editing projects.