Serving History

Our work is all about service.  Serving you, the customer; serving the goals and other requirements of each project; and ultimately, serving history.  

We have always provided exceptionally high quality videography/live video recording services with broadcast quality sound and picture.  We are also known as one of the best media conversion services out there, particularly with the digitization and restoration of motion picture films.


Here’s a list of the services we offer:

Recording & Production Services

1. Event Videography:

A. Live Presentations:
  • Lectures, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops
  • Classroom/Academic Instruction & Discussion
  • Focus Groups, Tutorials, Demonstrations, etc.
B. Live Performances:
  • Live Theater, Music, and Dance
  • Concert Recording (video and/or audio)
  • Recitals, Rehearsals, Auditions, Demos
C. Miscellaneous Events & Purposes:
  • Sporting Events & Athletic Competitions
  • Weddings, Religious & Memorial Services
  • Real Estate Home & Property Inventory
  • Legal Depositions and Trial Testimony
  • Anything worthy of great documentation

2. Documentary & Production Services:

  • Historical & Educational Documentary Programs
  • Inclusion of Archival Materials and Footage
  • Voice-over/Narration & Soundtrack Creation
  • Oral History/Life Story Interviews, Video Biography
  • Academic/Artistic/Athletic & Career Achievement Portfolio for Scholarships, Grant Applications, etc.

3. Educational & Promotional Pieces:
Offered through our sister company, WAVE Multimedia. Please visit for more information.

Video Production Services:

  • Educational Productions & Programs
  • Tutorials and Training Programs
  • Fundraising & Promotional Pieces
  • Issue-oriented Advocacy & Awareness

Audio Production Services:

  • Audiobooks and Audio Seminars
  • Radio Programming and Advertising
  • Sound-for-Picture recording and editing

Archiving & Re-production Services

1. Movie Film-to-Video Transfer:

  • All operations handled by a skilled professional
  • 8, Super 8, & 16mm formats, Optical & Mag sound
  • Viewer available to preview films before transfer
  • Thorough Film Cleaning and Repairs
  • Wet Gate option reduces appearance of scratches
  • Real time and exact Frame-by-Frame systems
  • Low-cost options to transfer low priority films
  • High Definition imaging used for all services
  • Speed, Pitch, Color, and Image Corrections
  • Film-specific digital restoration, including:
  • Dirt Removal, Grain Reduction, Stabilization
  • Optional Music, Narration, and Graphics
  • Edit with Other Content (Photos, audio, video)
  • Choice of Output Formats–DVD, BluRay, Files, etc.

2. Videotape to Digital & DVD:

  • VHS, Super VHS-C, ¾” U-matic, Digital 8, 8mm, Hi8, mini DV, DV Cam, DVCPRO, and HDV formats.
  • NTSC, PAL, and SECAM Standards Conversions
  • Choice of services to meet various needs & budgets
  • Professional grade playback & processing throughout
  • Many features to optimize or customize results
  • Custom editing, restoration, & authoring available
  • Output to tape, files, DVD (custom printed), BluRay

3. Audio to Digital & CD:

  • Reel-to-Reel, Audio cassette & micro tape formats
  • Vinyl Records @ 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds
  • Also DAT, MiniDisc, and any other digital file format
  • Professional gear & expertise ensures optimal results
  • Extensive editing & audio restoration capabilities
  • Choice of services to meet specific needs & budget

4. Photos/Images Converted to Digital:

  • Hi-res image scanning with optional restoration
  • Archive as files, re-print, or re-size for sharing
  • Compile a slide show; tell a story set to music
  • Try “Digital Storytelling”, a slideshow using images, text, voice, & music to create a compelling narrative.