Slides, negatives, and photographic prints scanned to digital files


1. As part of our audio-visual conversion services, we offer archival quality manual scanning and restoration of images, done in small quantities, usually billed at an hourly rate of $60/hour.


2. For larger projects or leaner budgets, we also offer an express scanning service with very good results.  This process is much faster, and therefore available at a lower, flat rate cost.  The resulting images are ideal for most audio-visual applications, and comparable to other services in this price range.


Photo prints may be up to 4×6; Resolution is 560 dpi for prints, and 2400 dpi for slides and negatives


Photo Prints, Slides, and Negatives Scanned to Digital Files

Number of Pictures

Price per scan

Cumulative Total Cost

First 20


20 scans for $20

next 30


50 scans for $44

next 50


100 scans for $74

next 100 or more


200 scans for $124


An output charge of typically $5-$10 applies to each order to set up and transfer the files to the physical medium (CD, flash drive, hard drive, etc.) of your choice.


Additional costs are either optional or avoidable, but may include:

1.Preparation (sorting & cleaning pictures)

2. Optional enhancements (quick color/image corrections and scratch & dust removal).





Additional Resources:

For even higher quality and higher resolution scanning at a high volume, expect to pay a high price as well.  The work is labor intensive, with some larger companies outsourcing the work overseas.

So if your needs are more advanced than we can provide,  my advice is to choose a service that specializes in still images, just like our company specializes in moving images and sound.  And also like us, you’ll do best with a company where the service provider is an expert and not a low-wage employee.  Keeping it local should give you some peace of mind as well.  In our area we have these other businesses that specialize in digital imaging:


Pivot Media specializes in fine art ultra-high resolution imaging.

Iris Photo offers diverse products and helpful services.