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  • For our Preservation Services, see our price lists for each type of service:

1. Audio   2. Video   3. Film   4. Photo

The flat, per-piece pricing of these services keeps the costs predictable, while allowing for special cases and optional services.  However, some highly customized preservation projects may require the pricing structure of a production, as described below.

  • The 3 costs in any Recording or Production Project are:
  1. Studio/Equipment Fee (all gear, hardware, and facilities needed for the job, per half or whole day.)
  2. Labor (hourly rate for all services performed.)
  3. Expenses (any additional costs for materials, travel, etc. for the project.)

1.  The Studio/Equipment Fee varies depending on the size and sophistication of
the equipment package needed for your project.  Some typical pricing looks like this:


Half Day

Full Day

  • HD Video Production Package

            Includes professional HD Camcorder, fluid          
            tripod, and camera accessories as needed.





  • Audio-for-Video Package

           May include wireless or other specialized
           microphone systems; mixers, processors, etc.
           Variable price; usually from $25-$75 per half day.





  • Audio-only Package for Concerts/Recitals Includes professional microphones, preamplifier, digital recorder, cables & accessories as needed.





  • Standard Def. Video Package

           Includes professional SD Camcorder, fluid          
           tripod, and camera accessories as needed.





  • Multi-Camera Packages

call for an estimate.

2. The Labor Rate depends on the type of work performed. Also, during the recording phase or
other times when a  Studio/Equipment Fee applies, the labor rate is discounted as shown below.

Project Medium/Format:

Inclusive Rate w/unlimited studio use

Discount Rate when studio fee applies

HD Video Production



SD Video Production



Audio Production



3. Expenses are usually insignificant but are always considered and discussed in the planning stage.

Project Planning and Budgeting
In order to assess the overall size & scope (and probable cost) of any project,
we must determine these 3 things:
1. what we are starting with (in terms of either materials for preservation work, or specific details if it’s a presentation or production)
2. what we aim to create as a finished product (again very specific about most foreseeable details)
3. what your priorities and preferences are (do you want the absolute best results obtainable, the bare minimum expense to get the job done, or something inbetween?)

Once we’ve accurately assessed of your starting point, end goals, and considered your best options and possibilities, we will follow the best course of action to get you optimal results, guaranteed.

Every project is different, so please call or email anytime to discuss your project.  Thanks!