Videography and Live Video Production


Our Event videography services include:

A. Live Presentations:

  • Lectures, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops
  • Classroom/Academic Instruction & Discussion
  • Focus Groups, Tutorials, Demonstrations, etc.

B. Live Performances:

  • Live Theater, Music, and Dance
  • Concert Recording (video and/or audio)
  • Recitals, Rehearsals, Auditions, Demos

C. Miscellaneous Events & Purposes:

  • Sporting Events & Athletic Competitions
  • Weddings, Religious & Memorial Services
  • Legal Depositions and Trial Testimony
  • Anything worthy of great documentation
“Capturing arts, ideas, and events” is how Audio-Visual Archives began back in 1995. Documentation of each live performance or presentation presents unique challenges. Without the luxury to yell “cut!”, the videographer must be prepared for the task at hand and for those unforeseen circumstances that inevitably arise. Hiring Audio-Visual Archives for such a job will begin with a series of questions. Some of these questions and topics are discussed in our videos, while the specific needs, variables, and possibilities for your project can be addressed when you inquire.
There is no substitute for well-recorded sound and picture…so the key is to plan ahead.
Even if a presentation is very casual and informal, the recording of such an event should be thoroughly planned for. That way you can can focus on delivering a great presentation and memorable experience for your audience, while we attend to all of the details that will yield a great video.

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