Recording Sessions

While we don’t specialize in music recording to the extent that a full-blown recording studio does, we do offer some nice alternatives and options.  These include:

  • Live concert recording with or without videoStudio recording session with drum kit
  • Small studio projects with or without video documentation

We welcome music,  sound-for-picture, and spoken-word projects.  Our Studio is well-equipped for small to medium acoustic music and other miscellaneous projects.  It’s a good-sounding room with a separate control room and two isolation/voice booths, with variable acoustics and configurations to accommodate and wide variety of  recording & production methods.

Our  specialty is spoken-word and voice-over content.  Recording a lone human voice sounds simple, but it does require very special conditions to get optimal results.  Please visit our sister site, for more information about commercial spoken word productions.

voice recording session in isolation boothWe have a few different configurations and variations on the studio setup depending on specific needs.  For example, Producer/Directors and other participants may need to be present or even patched in over the phone.  Other visual cues such as a video or computer monitor are also available.

A couple of tips:

    • Rehearse!  …and even record yourself to get a better idea of what content and delivery style works and what doesn’t.
    • Print out your script in large bold double spaced text so you can more easily read it.

One of my favorite concerts of all time was the Senior Recital by this Choral Conductor. No kidding. Here are two short but very lively clips, performing South African music. Try listening to this with headphones if you can–I used a stereo microphone array that re-creates a very deep and detailed stereo image. We got a whole lot of mileage from this video recording, too. Both the photographer and recording engineer had technical problems, so the video provided the basis for:

lots of 3” x 4” prints of some nice close-ups
a stellar audio recording to make the CD
Beautiful video footage that forever captures the pinnacle of her college studies.

I also had a second stationary camera also record the frontal view of the conductor, which along with these other documents helped her gain acceptance two months later into an Ivy-League graduate studies program in Conducting.


Here’s just a glimpse back at the 2008 Election. This forum was held at Mount Holyoke College just 2 days after the election. We recorded an entire series of events about the election that fall. This excerpt hits upon just a few of the topics that made that election so interesting and historic. I was looking for an audio sample of the many kinds of events that we record when I came upon this one. It seems fitting to post an excerpt from this forum now, as the analysis of that election takes on it’s own historic value and significance four years later.