Welcome to Audio-Visual Archives

Audio-Visual Archives offers a wide range of recording and production services to clients in Western Massachusetts and beyond.  Whether you’re looking for a professional videographer to record a live event, or an expert to convert an analog media collection to digital, we’ve got you covered–from live to archive!


We’re all about archival quality documentation of arts, ideas, and events–both past and present.

  • For interviews, live performances, presentations, and other event proceedings, we provide some of the highest audio and video recording quality possible.  
  • The same attention to detail goes into our preservation services, where vintage movie films, audio, and video recordings are prepared, transferred, restored, and “re-produced” into a new digital life.

    Ultimately, the quest for quality goes beyond the pixels and decibels, and is about creating the most meaningful finished product possible.  I invite you to invite me on that quest with you.

    Have fun and make history! –Steve Unkles, owner and operator since 1995.

Vimeo Simple API Gallery Example


    Click here for more video samples on our Vimeo portfolio.


    Here’s a list of the services we offer:

    Recording & Production Services

    1. Event Videography:

    A. Live Presentations:
    • Lectures, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops
    • Classroom/Academic Instruction & Discussion
    • Focus Groups, Tutorials, Demonstrations, etc.
    B. Live Performances:
    • Live Theater, Music, and Dance
    • Concert Recording (video and/or audio)
    • Recitals, Rehearsals, Auditions, Demos
    C. Miscellaneous Events & Purposes:
    • Sporting Events & Athletic Competitions
    • Weddings, Religious & Memorial Services
    • Real Estate Home & Property Inventory
    • Legal Depositions and Trial Testimony
    • Anything worthy of great documentation

    2. Documentary & Production Services:

    • Historical & Educational Documentary Programs
    • Inclusion of Archival Materials and Footage
    • Voice-over/Narration & Soundtrack Creation
    • Oral History/Life Story Interviews, Video Biography
    • Academic/Artistic/Athletic & Career Achievement Portfolio for Scholarships, Grant Applications, etc.

    3. Educational & Promotional Pieces:
    Offered through our sister company, WAVE Multimedia. Please visit www.MakeWaves.tv for more information.

    Video Production Services:

    • Educational Productions & Programs
    • Tutorials and Training Programs
    • Fundraising & Promotional Pieces
    • Issue-oriented Advocacy & Awareness

    Audio Production Services:

    • Audiobooks and Audio Seminars
    • Radio Programming and Advertising
    • Sound-for-Picture recording and editing

    Archiving & Re-production Services

    1. Movie Film-to-Video Transfer:

    • All operations handled by a skilled professional
    • 8, Super 8, & 16mm formats, Optical & Mag sound
    • Viewer available to preview films before transfer
    • Thorough Film Cleaning and Repairs
    • Wet Gate option reduces appearance of scratches
    • Real time and exact Frame-by-Frame systems
    • Low-cost options to transfer low priority films
    • High Definition imaging used for all services
    • Speed, Pitch, Color, and Image Corrections
    • Film-specific digital restoration, including:
    • Dirt Removal, Grain Reduction, Stabilization
    • Optional Music, Narration, and Graphics
    • Edit with Other Content (Photos, audio, video)
    • Choice of Output Formats–DVD, BluRay, Files, etc.

    2. Videotape to Digital & DVD:

    • VHS, Super VHS-C, ¾” U-matic, Digital8, 8mm, Hi8, mini DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, and HDV formats.
    • NTSC, PAL, and SECAM Standards Conversions
    • Choice of services to meet various needs & budgets
    • Professional grade playback & processing throughout
    • Many features to optimize or customize results
    • Custom editing, restoration, & authoring available
    • Output to tape, files, DVD (custom printed), BluRay

    3. Audio to Digital & CD:

    • Reel-to-Reel, Audio cassette & micro tape formats
    • Vinyl Records @ 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds
    • Also DAT, MiniDisc, and any other digital file format
    • Professional gear & expertise ensures optimal results
    • Extensive editing & audio restoration capabilities
    • Choice of services to meet specific needs & budget

    4. Photos/Images Converted to Digital:

    • Hi-res image scanning with optional restoration
    • Archive as files, re-print, or re-size for sharing
    • Compile a slide show; tell a story set to music
    • Try “Digital Storytelling”, a slideshow using images, text, voice, & music to create a compelling narrative.

    Finished Products
    and follow-up services common to both archiving and recording projects:

          1. CD/DVD/BluRay Authoring & Duplication          3. File transcoding, compression and upload
          2. Artwork design, printing, and packaging            4. Archival storage solutions for vintage & digital materials

    • Multimedia Project Examples of Archiving and Recording Services Multimedia Project Examples of Archiving and Recording Services A Gallery of cover Art from various projects and productions.
    • Video Production of Dance Performance Video Production of Dance Performance Amherst, MA dance videography
    • Symposium & Lecture Series Video Recording Symposium & Lecture Series Video Recording 10th Anniversary Celebration Weissman Center
    • Oral and Pictoral Family History on DVD Oral and Pictoral Family History on DVD Collage of still images taken from 8mm & 16mm Film Transfer Project.
    • Graduation Video Graduation Video DVD of Local Pioneer Valley school graduation
    • 16mm Film to DVD conversion 16mm Film to DVD conversion Film Transfer of Family Home Movie Archive
    • Video Oral History Interview Video Oral History Interview Video Biography of Holocaust Survivor
    • Multi-camera Video Production of Choreography and Dance Multi-camera Video Production of Choreography and Dance Collage of still images from multicam video production
    • Vinyl Record converted to DVD Vinyl Record converted to DVD LP transfer to CD of Polish Koledas--Christmas Carols
    • Video Testimonial Interviews Video Testimonial Interviews Candid video production of cancer survivors discussing their treatment and experiences
    • Film Transfer with music and narration Film Transfer with music and narration VHS to DVD of original film, edited with commentary
    • HD Video of Live Theater and Dance HD Video of Live Theater and Dance HD and DVD production of live performance
    • Historic 16mm Films digitized Historic 16mm Films digitized Archival footage of life in rural western Massachusetts in the early 1930s
    • Family History Recording Family History Recording Multimedia oral history with films, photos, and interview
    • Wedding Video Production Wedding Video Production DVD of Wedding
    • Super 8 Home movies on DVD Super 8 Home movies on DVD 8mm film transfer to DVD with music & narration
    • Audio Interview of Family members in Western Mass Audio Interview of Family members in Western Mass Tape to CD transfer of oral history and family stories of Western Massachusetts
    • 4-Camera HD Video Production version 2 4-Camera HD Video Production version 2 Artwork for High Definition BluRay edition of Dance Performance--circular design
    • Home movies on DVD Home movies on DVD Historic footage digitized and preserved, donated to archive; home movies transferred to DVD.


     We have worked for clients in most parts of the United States and Canada, but most of our work is local and regional, including:

    • All six New England States (MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME) and Upstate New York
    • Central & Western Massachusetts; Worcester & Berkshire County, Greater Boston
    • Brattleboro & southern Vermont down to Hartford and Central Connecticut
    • The Pioneer Valley: Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin County, Massachusetts
    • The cities of Holyoke, Chicopee, Springfield, and Greenfield, Mass
    • The Five College Area, including Northampton and Amherst, Mass

    Our Studio is located in Florence, MA (part of Northampton) , with a home office in Sunderland, to serve folks up and down and either side of the Connecticut River Valley.