New Videotape-to-Files Options

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Our workstations have always integrated computer-based hardware with professional A/V components in order to provide no-compromise solutions.  Stand-alone A/V solutions like our Toshiba DVD System add to that mix as a lower cost option for DVD creation from analog sources, retaining impressive functionality when needed, and zero compromise in quality.  The newest developments involve a hybrid of standalone  and computer based hardware, such that analog-to digital conversion takes place outside the computer–which it must–but now the digital data stream can by-pass the internal hard drive and write directly to a (fast) external storage device such as USB 3 Flash Drive.  In some hardware, a standalone mode allows computer-free operation altogether by recording the data on-board.  These are a few of the latest developments and offerings we have on tap.  All of my price lists will be revised, updated, and simplified as much as possible to incorporate these developments too, so stay tuned!

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