Video Playback, Conversion, and Archiving

We work with the following videotape formats:

  • VHS  (in PAL, SECAM, or NTSC Standards)  
  • VHS-C (compact VHS that uses an adapter)
  • Super VHS
  • ¾” U-matic (in PAL or NTSC  Standards )4 videotapes and a DVD
  • 8mm
  • Hi 8
  • Digital 8
  • Mini DV
  • HDV
  • DVCPRO 25
  • DVCPRO 50
  • DVD video
  • mini DVD


     Click here for a price list & more info for converting to DIGITAL FILES.


     Click here for price list  for converting to DVD.


Continue below for more info about our Video-to-DVD conversion process & options:

You can choose either of the following services:

  1. The Standard, Professional Conversion Service where you pay a flat setup cost per source tape and DVD master, plus a per-minute rate for the running time.  All video is recorded to a hard drive system first, enabling the many benefits outlined below.
  2. The Economy/Express Conversion Service which has a similar price structure, but costs less by using a direct-to-disc process that is faster without necessarily compromising on quality.

All Standard Professional Conversions include:

  • Professional playback and digital recording to hard drive before finishing to DVD.
  • Optimal bit rate based on source materials and combined running times.
  • Auto-Chaptering for easy disc navigation.  Custom chaptering also available–see below.
  • Content is trimmed to the exact start and end times of the original recording.
  • Professional grade media and packaging, with basic text printing included.

…And these options at additional cost:

  • Basic editing or combining of content; organize & identify parts with chapters and menus.
  • Special playback & recording settings for improved audio, brightness, noise reduction, etc.
  • Custom full-color design & DVD printing/packaging, including image extraction from video.


All Economy/Express Conversions include:

  • Video playback and direct to DVD recording on professional systems
  • Auto-Chaptering when available
  • Name brand, high quality media with simple packaging

…And these options at additional cost:

  • basic or custom disc printing and packaging
  • Title menu creation to identify multiple source content.

An Explanation of Menu Creation Options:

Both Title and Chapter menu items consist of a small “thumbnail” image from the video content, and an area to input text to identify the content, as seen below.  These items can be generated automatically by default and left blank at no cost, or can be customized by selecting a different thumbnail image and entering text information.

Sample of Title Menu

This example of a title menu shows five  recordings compiled to one DVD.
An actual menu would also have an overall name for the collection which would appear in the blue stripe at the top of the screen.  Individual title names would also be re-formatted to fit better in the text field next to each thumbnail image.  The Chapter menu below, which was used for an actual project, shows those further refinements.

DVD Chapter menu screen sample

Explanation of Terms:

1. Auto Chaptering simply records “access points” that allow you to navigate the DVD in 5, 10, or 15 minute increments, without effecting playback continuity in any way.
2. Custom Chaptering.  Rather than auto chaptering at a fixed interval, we can create these data points at any location within a recording, allowing you instant access to any scene you would like.
Labor rates apply for this work, but the cost typically works out to about $2 per chapter point.
3. Menu Creation.  You’re probably familiar with what these are and how they work for commercial releases, but menus are also the best way to organize and identify your content.
4. A Title Menu is used to identify each tape recording that has been compiled to one DVD.
5. A Chapter Menu is the sub-menu of a Title, that is used to identify scenes within that Title.