“Recording & Preservation Services from Live to Archive”

When people inquire about either a media production or preservation project, the most commonly overlooked aspects tend to be the very beginning stage, and the very last stages.  For this reason, I like to stress the the so-called Pre-production and “Post post-production” phases of each project.

The Pre-production phase includes:
  1. Project Assessment
  2. Pre-production Planning
The “Post post-production” phase may include:
  1. Duplication and/or Distribution
  2. Packaging and/or Presentation
  3. Other Accompanying Materials, Online Information, Metadata, and more…
  4. Long-term Storage of Analog Materials and Digital Files

I give careful consider these and all other potential aspects of any given project throughout the process, and as my customer I make sure to get your input along the way.  There is more information on the following pages, even if your needs are only for these more specialized services.

Click here for information on Project Advice and Consultation.
Click here for information on Duplication, Packaging, Storage, and Distribution services.