Slides, negatives, and photographic prints scanned to digital files

As part of our audio-visual conversion services, we offer archival quality manual scanning and restoration of images, done in small quantities, usually billed at an hourly rate of $60/hour.

For larger projects or leaner budgets, we also offer an express scanning service with very good results. This process is much faster, and therefore available at a lower, flat rate cost.  The resulting images are ideal for most audio-visual applications, and comparable to the better professional services out there in this price range.

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This video demonstrates the automatic dust and scratch removal technology we use for digitizing transparent images (slides and negatives). The system identifies dust on the surface or scratches in the emulsion, and eliminates or reduces their appearance in the resulting image. It’s not perfect, but It’s a great choice for cleaning up moderately dirty or dusty images. And even if manual restoration and cleaning in software is required for images needing special attention, time and money are saved by doing an initial round of this kind of automated processing.


Improved version of previous image after extensive editing and processing.



Hi res scan of faded photo with burn hole